Direct Store Delivery (DSD) is the preferred method for product delivery when there is a strong requirement for supplier knowledge and service.

Texmaps started business as a map publisher, but several years ago we decided to get into the DSD end when we noticed a change in the way most national map vendors did business. The large map vendors slashed their DSD sales staff, began drop shipping and using third party merchandisers. This decrease in service has caused out of stock conditions and poor map sales in many retail locations.

We believe in service, quality products and value for you and your customers. By managing inventories at the store level utilizing past sales history, input from store and district management and by providing timely service calls we can reduce inventory and improve cash flow.

Texmaps is currently the map supplier for HEB, Walgreens and a large variety of other retail locations.

Contact Chuck Mayer for more information on our DSD program.

We carry a full line of map products, including these top map publishers in Texas and the US:


National Geographic


Key Map

Five Star Maps


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